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Our Rivers

Our Rivers in Tuscany and Umbria


We have various very interesting rivers in Tuscany and Umbria starting from the north we have


The Tevere (Tiber) tailwaters in Sansepolcro Arezzo - An extremely well managed river home to a breeding population of Brown trout and Grayling. The ultimate in fly fishing. The season starts on May 1st and runs through Decembre 31st. The fishing is at its best in the warmer months of the year - June, July, August and the autumn is the best time for the grayling

The Nera Stream - in Umbria. Excellent flyfishing both on the dry and on the nymph. Its clear waters are fantastic for sight fishing a magnificent population of Brown trout. The season runs from March to end of October.

The Sieve tailwaters -in the Mugello just north of Florence. Another well managed beat home to beautiful and very selective Brown trout.


The Serchio River near Camporgiano - home to a wonderful and well managed population of Brownies. The season starts on the last Sunday of February and ends the first Sunday of October. The Serchio has an interesting catch and release beat which opens 4 days a week to keep the pressure as low as possible. The rest of the beat is open everyday and is just as intresting.


The Lima River which is the largest tributary of the Serchio runs through a magnificent valley in the Apuan Alps. It is a very challenging river home to a population of wild and very feisty trout. Starting from May 2010 the river will be managed and there will be a Catch and Release area and the rest of the river will have a limitation to the minum size and number of trout you can keep. The season starts on the last Sunday of February and runs to the first Sunday of October