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Michael Livingstone - Late November on the Tevere

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The end of November may not be the best time for a fishing trip but that was when I could get away for a few days.  On finding out you can fish in Tuscany, my family decided to make a short vacation of it.  It was thanks to my wife's research on the internet that I contacted Moreno and thanks to Moreno for sorting out the accommodation for us at Podere Violini (a fantastic place for families with great food, but that's another story!)
Right from the word go, Moreno was so helpful.  As I mentioned, he helped sort out the hotel and was always friendly and open in answering my plethora of e-mails.  The great thing as well was that he offered to supply all the gear to save having to travel with rods, reels etc.  We arranged for two days fishing on the Tevere Tailwaters, this was reduced to one when we arrived due to the river conditions and at Moreno's advice.  The day we arrive in Florence (Firenze) it was pretty cool and wet but the whole journey was thankfully uneventful.  On arriving at the hotel, they called Moreno as he wanted to speak to me.  The weather had been cold and wet and the river (Tevere) was running higher than normal.  Moreno was realistic about our chances but we decided to give the 1st day (Thursday) a try. 
Thursday arrived with little change in the weather and Moreno arrive a little after 8.30 to collect me and sort out licenses etc.  I was instantly at ease with Moreno and his amiable nature and in this case, first impression definitely lasted!  We were on the river shortly after 9am with no signs of a rise and Moreno saying it was going to be difficult that day.  So, I learned the short line nymphing techinque but with no takes.  After switching to a pink streamer I was instantly getting some knocks on the line. It wasn't long before I was solidly hooked up to a FISH.  This was certainly my biggest of the year and around 50cm of red-spotted brown trout.  I had a grin almost a big as the fish and Moreno reacted like a long time fishing buddy.


Michael Livingstone
We fished on until 12.30 seeing only one rise but the conversation more than made up for it.  I was also learning a lot from Moreno.  From little things like the use of the perfection loop for leader to tippet connection and the use of fluorescent line in the leader set up to short line nymphing.  12.30 was lunch time back at Podere Violini where we ate faggotini (farmer's dumplings) washed down with some red wine, in front of an open fire to warm up a little.
Back at the river things were a little more promising with some BWOs coming off.  It was a little while before we saw a rise but it happened.  We spent the afternoon covering the few rises time and again resulting in a couple of refusal rises and one missed strike.  Then it was THE fish!  I would love to say I landed it but sadly, no,I did not.  I do not know how long we spent on that one fish but it got dark around us before we admitted defeat.  I did hook it once, breaking it off, have a couple of refusal rises and drift the fly over its nose several times during this period. 
It may not sound like the most successful day but in my book it was awesome.  Moreno put me where the fish were in difficult conditions and was fishing with me, without fishing.  By the end of the day,he felt like a long time fishing buddy, the sort that are hard to come by.  So, between the FISH, THE fish, the amazing food and most importantly, Moreno's incredible company it made for a most memorable day's fishing (and vacation to Tuscany).  I already am planning to return in May/June to try some of the other fishing in the region and hope to have Moreno as a guide.
So, if you want a fishing trip with great fishing, food and wine along with superb company then go to Tuscany and contact Moreno.
Michael Livingstone