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Fly Fishing in Tuscany and Italy

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I will be tying flies at the Fishing Show in this December 2018. Come and visit!!


Fishing Show

Split-cane Bamboo rods, silk lines and Fly Fishing and La Dolce Vita in Tuscany and Umbria (Italy)

Flyfishing in Italy - Fly Fishing in Tuscany

Yes, you've got it right. For the ultimate fly fishing experience "Under the Tuscan Sun" right in the middle of the land of

Leonardo da Vinci, of Michelangelo and Giotto; in the land of Chianti, of Nobile di Montepulciano and Sassicaia wines!

Imagine arriving in a sun drenched valley with blooming sunflowers, corn and tobacco plantations and

you’re already feeling the heat of the Tuscan sun and suddenly you find yourself immersed up to your

waist in icy cold water fishing dries to rising trout and grayling! After a hard day's fishing savour a

wonderful Tuscan meal at our clubhouse together with some of our excellent wines! Or imagine fishing

in a crystal clear mountainstream or in a wonderful spring creek

So whether you are staying in Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Siena or in Chianti, let us offer you this incredible

fly fishing experience experience and let us offer expert and reliable fly fishing giudes and guided trips

to some of the most beautiful trout and grayling streams in Tuscany and Umbria. Try a new experience

- Fly Fishing In Tuscany!!!!

We guarantee a full service and supply all equipment: rods (carbon fibre - Sonik, Gatti  or hand planed

(Split Cane) Bamboo - MBRODS by Moreno Borriero - yes your guide is also a Bamboo Rodmaker!!),

lines (PVC or handmade natural silk lines by Terenzio), waders, flies, leaders etc at no extra cost. Let

us take you by the hand to organise all the necessary permits. We can arrange to pick you up at your

hotel or lodging if it isn't too far off the beaten track or we can arrange to meet somewhere convenient

for both.

A beautiful Brownie caught by John Capowski on a Bamboo rod (Mbrods)


An agate stripping guide on one of my hand-planed rods

As the sun goes down and the air gets cooler, mist rises on the magnificent Tevere Tailwaters!

Toscana Saporita

Tuscany is home to one of the best cuisine in the world. So why not take advantage of a trip to Italy to learn the Tuscan cooking secrets and get away from the stoves and food for a day's fshing.

We suggest Toscana Saporita Cooking School which is run by Sandra Lotti and her fantastic team of chefs.

For some interesting videos, please visit our other website!!



Report on the 2017 season

Not every season is the same. Atter a number of years od excellent fishing; in 2017 we had a terrible fishing season. It hardly rained or snowed during the 2016/2017 winter and this lead to very low levels in most Italian streams. To make things worse, we had one of the hottest summers in history. This said we still had a decent season although the number of trout caught was well below average. I need to stress that in general fishing in Tuscany is challenging. The local strain of trout which we call the Mediterranean brown is extremely spooky and very selective. It is so shy that it is difficult to spot the trout in the river and you only get to glimpse them when they rise to a well presented dry fly. Then they disappear from sight and one has the impression that the river is completely void of fish. My job is to help my guests present their flies in the best possible way and often I need to spend some time coaching. So I suggest that my guests be optimistic and patient. The rivers I guide on are really beautiful and worth visiting.

At the moment I am quite optimistic about next season because it has snowed quite a lot and the levels are looking good. Since many of oyr streams are tailwaters, it is important that the reservoirs have sufficient water for our hot dry summers. Hope to see many of you this year and as always Tight Lines!!

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